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Residential and Commercial Painting Company

Middlesex Paint & Restoration is New England's premier residential and commercial carpentry and painting company. We proudly serve the Greater Boston Area from our headquarters in Davis Square, Somerville, Massachusetts. One-stop shopping services include interior and exterior painting, historic home renovation, siding repair, trim repair, deck installation, deck repair, railing installation, porch installation, porch repair, tile installation and window and door replacement. Offering more than 15 years of experience, we deliver unmatched quality and best-in-class customer service. 

Interior and Exterior Painting Services

  • Painting & Staining

  • Cabinetry & Built-ins

  • Historic Restoration

  • Deck & Porches

  • Color Consultation

  • Drywall Installation & Repair

  • Window Glazing 

  • Vinyl & Aluminum Siding

  • Hire a Painter

  • Pressure Cleaning

  • Textured Ceilings

  • Lead Paint Remediation

  • Mold Removal

  • ​​Power Washing

  • Concrete Sealing

Interior Painting: Preparation

Interior surface preparation starts with property protection and dust containment. Appliances and belongings are moved to the center of the room and covered. Horizontal surfaces including the floors and countertops are protected with plastic, rosin-paper, drop cloths or skid-proof carpet runners. Surfaces are then prepared for priming. Walls are scraped, patched and sanded. Deep cracks are taped and damaged plaster is secured with bolt fasteners. Trim is sanded to promote adhesion. Tack cloths are used to keep dust and dirt from being trapped in the paint. Stained surfaces are sanded prior to stain application improve absorbtion. Appropriate primers are selected based on the substrate -metal, wood, sheetrock, plaster, plastic, concrete, plywood or mdf. Painters tape and high-quality foam roller covers are used to ensure sharp lines and a smooth finish. HEPA vaccuums are used when cleaning to prevent dust from traveling from room to room..   



Exterior Painting: Preparation

Exterior preparation will vary depending on the age of the structure and the condition of surface that the paint will be applied to. Typically homes are thoroughly scraped from top to bottom and then powerwashed. We select detergents based on the amount of staining or mildew on the structure and volume of shrubbery or trees close to the structure. All vertical seams are sealed with high-quality elastomeric caulk. Holes are filled properly with exterior wood filler then sanded. Primers are selected based on the composition and quality of the siding and trim. Middlesex Paint and Restoration is a lead safe renovation company and follows RRP lead safe work practices. Workers wear safety equipment. Homeowner belongings are protected. Windows and grounds are covered with plastic. Waste is properly  sealed and disposed of.


Finish Painting

Middlesex Paint and Restoration will work closely with you to select the best primer and paint products for your project. We follow all manufacturer product specifications and back-brush all finish coats to insure paint adhesion. We encourage clients to use professional grade paints that contain more pigments and binders than those found at your local home improvement store. Professional grade paints have better color retention and coverage. Using a high quality paint will ensure a long lasting brilliant finish and cheaper labor costs.  For specialty applications we may recommend using additives to accelerate dry times, improve hardening, or retard mildew re-growth. We never paint on wet, damp, extremely cold or extremely hot days. We make certain that all primer and paint coats are given the proper amount of time to dry and cure between applications. 


Exotic Wood, Stucco, Composite Vinyl & Concrete Siding

New paints, stains and specialty sealants and coatings are released each year. Manufacturers change formulas to adapt to new new construction materials and ever changing VOC emmission standards. Middlesex Paint and Restoration can help you select the correct products, stains, polyurethanes, oils and sealants to make your project look the best it can. Its important to match the correct coatings to the building materials and the location's micro-climate. Sun, shade, heat, and humidity will often determine product selection. Some products require one coat, others two, and others three. 

Cabinet and Specialty Painting/Coating

Middlesex Paint & Restoration specializes in custom cabinet painting and refinishing services. Finish options include polyurethane, polyurethane-hybrid, water-based, and acrylic paints. We work with the following name brands: Milesi Wood Coatings, Fine Paints of Europe, Benjamin Moore, INSLX, and Sherwin Williams. Regardless of the product the end result is a hard factory finish in any color or sheen.


Cabinets take 3-5 days labor for small to mid-sized projects. Cabinets can be sprayed out or rolled and brushed. Cabinets can be lightly used 3 days after completion. Full cure time is is approximately 30 days. We spray cabinets and doors on-site. 

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