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Residential| Historic | Multi-Family | Commercial Painting Services

Middlesex Paint & Restoration is New England's premier residential and commercial professional painting and restoration company. We proudly serve the Greater Boston Area and Middlesex County from our headquarters in Concord Massachusetts. Professional painting services and carpentry services include historic painting and restoration, residential painting, large multi-family residences, commercial painting, interior painting, exterior painting, cabinet painting, historic home restoration, siding repair, trim repair, deck construction, deck repair, porch construction, porch repair, gutter installation, gutter repair, gutter cleaning and maintenance, pressure-washing, cabinet and tile installation. Offering more than 15 years of experience, we deliver unmatched quality and best-in-class customer service. 

Interior & Exterior Painting & Carpentry Services

  • Exterior Painting

  • Interior Painting

  • Staining Decks

  • Drywall Repair

  • Exterior Home Repair

  • Wallpaper Removal

  • Siding Repair

  • Cabinet Painting Contractor

  • Trim Repair

  • Powerwashing

  • Residential Painting Contractor

  • Gutter Cleaning

  • Commercial Painting Contractor

  • Lead Paint Remediation

  • Finish Carpentry

  • Porch Repair​​

  • Deck Repair

  • Gutter Repair

Historic Painting & Victorian Restoration Services

Middlesex Paint and Restoration is a trusted name in the restoration of historic homes in New England. Our skilled managers and painters have years of experience in the industry, we have developed a reputation for exceptional workmanship and attention to detail. Our team of skilled professionals is equipped with the knowledge and expertise to handle any project, no matter how complex or challenging it may be.  

Example of Historic Home Painting Belmont Massachusetts.  Middlesex Paint is a local house painting company specializing in historic painting and renovation.

We only use the highest quality materials and techniques to ensure that every job is completed to the highest standards. Whether you need to restore a historic home to its former glory or simply want to freshen up the paint, Middlesex Paint and Restoration will meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Contact us today to paint your Victorian, Tudor, Farmhouse, Colonial, Shingle Style or Historic Property.

Professional Interior House Painter Services

Middlesex Paint and Restoration recognized as one of the top-rated and top-reviewed painting companies in New England. Our commitment to excellence shines through in every brushstroke. Our interior professional painting services extend beyond basic room painting and include wallpaper removal, drywall repair, plaster repair, cabinet painting and lead paint remediation.

We uphold industry standards by following the PDCA painting guidelines for surface preparation and paint application. This commitment ensures that your project is completed with the highest level of quality and durability. Our interior painting managers are RRP EPA lead certified. Safety is paramount. All of our interior painting services are carried out effeciently following best practices with proper safety equipment and dust containment to ensure minimal disruption and to keep family and pets safe.

We serve all of Middlesex County and Boston suburbs. Glowing references can be provided. No job is too big or small and we always leave your home spotless. 

Middlesex Paint Company Interior Painter Near Me Concord MA Best Painters Local Area

Middlesex Paint and Restoration is a locally owned and operated painting service. Our goal is to make your home look truly exceptional. Contact us today for a consultation and discover the difference of working with top-class interior painting contractor. Let us bring your vision to life.

Professional Exterior House Painter Services

Middlesex Paint and Restoration commitment to excellence begins with thorough preparation of the structures existing substrate. Soft-tip pressure-washing is only used when required to remove mold, mildew, and contaminants prior to painting. Our exterior painters also rely on other methods including bucket-sprayinh, sand-blasting, dustless sanding, application of detergents, and stripping to ensure your exterior surfaces are properly prepped, cleaned and mold-free.

Our licensed carpenters are equipped to repair rot, siding, shingles, clapboards, windows and doors. 

We pay meticulous attention to detail, including caulking all vertical seams and gaps. These small but crucial steps help prevent moisture infiltration and create a smooth, polished appearance for your home's exterior.

Middlesex Paint Exterior Painting Residential Painting Contractor
Historic Renovation 9 Inch Reveal, Middlesex Painting Contractor Exterior Painting Belmont MA Residential Painter

Proper priming is the foundation of a successful exterior paint job. Our experienced professionals are well-versed in selecting the appropriate primer for your specific surfaces. This essential step ensures superior paint adhesion, coverage, and longevity.

Middlesex Paint and Restoration uses high-quality finish paints including Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, and C2 Paints that offer exceptional coverage, color retention, and resistance to fading. Your home painting project deserves nothing less than the best.

To achieve a flawlessly smooth finish, we lightly sand between coats. This meticulous process ensures that each coat adheres perfectly, creating an impeccable, long-lasting result.

Timing is critical in exterior painting, and we know it. Middlesex Paint and Restoration selects optimal weather conditions for your project, ensuring that we paint in dry weather. Avoiding rain and humidity guarantees the highest quality finish and durability.

Our dedication to quality, attention to detail, and commitment to the best painting practices make us the top choice for transforming your home's exterior. Trust us to revitalize your property, enhance its curb appeal, and protect it for years to come.

Lead Safe Renovation

Lead Paint Remediation, Historic Home Painting, RRP, Lead Certified Painting Companies

Many homes constructed before 1978 contain lead-based paint. When this paint deteriorates or is disturbed during renovations, it can release toxic lead dust or chips, posing a severe health hazard. RRP certified companies are trained to handle lead-based paint safely, minimizing exposure risks.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) mandates that any renovation or repair work in pre-1978 homes must be carried out by an RRP lead certified house painting firm. Non-compliance can result in substantial fines. Hiring a lead certified painting contractor ensures you adhere to these legal requirements.

RRP certification involves comprehensive training in lead-safe work practices. Lead paint certified companies understand the necessary containment, removal, and cleanup procedures to prevent lead exposure for both occupants and workers.

Lead exposure can lead to severe health issues, particularly in children, such as developmental delays and learning disabilities. By hiring an RRP certified company, you prioritize the well-being of your family.


Staining Decks & Exotic Wood

When searching for a deck staining company or deck repair company, Middlesex Paint and Restoration stands out as the trusted and reliable choice. Our unwavering commitment to quality ensures your deck will be transformed into a true outdoor gem.


Our comprehensive deck staining services encompass every essential step for a remarkable transformation. Our skilled professional house painters begin by diligently removing existing paint or stain, ensuring a clean slate for your deck. Our carpenters will complete any neccesary deck repairs and address any structural concerns. Next, we sand the surface to achieve a smooth finish, optimizing adhesion for the final coating.


All manufacturer labels are adhered to when applying stains or paints, guaranteeing the longevity and brilliance of your deck.

Kitchen Cabinet Painting Contractor

Middlesex Paint and Restoration is your trusted local cabinet painting company. We understand the transformative power of beautifully painted kitchen cabinets. Our cabinet painting process is a testament to our commitment to excellence, precision, and attention to detail. Whether you're looking to refresh your kitchen or bathroom, our experienced team is here to bring your vision to fruition.

The begins with a comprehensive assessment of your cabinets. As a dedicated cabinet painting company, we take the time to understand your goals and preferences. We'll discuss color options, finishes, and any special requests to ensure we meet your expectations.

We take extensive measures to protect your space. We remove cabinet doors and any hardware, such as handles and hinges, to facilitate a smooth painting process. Your floors and countertops are carefully covered to prevent overspray. To maintain a controlled and dust-free environment, we seal off the room where the cabinets are located. This step ensures that the painting process is contained and doesn't affect the rest of your living space. 


We use 120-grit sandpaper to carefully sand the cabinet surfaces. This process removes any imperfections, rough spots, or old finishes, creating a smooth canvas for the paint.

Painting Contractor Paint Kitchen Cabinets

We apply 1 or sometimes 2 coats of shellac primer depending on the condition of the substrate. This primer not only ensures better paint adherence but also seals the surface, preventing stains or discoloration from showing through the finish coat.   

Our cabinet painters apply two coats of the appropriate finish paint to achieve the desired color and finish. We follow the manufacturer's recommendations for application techniques and drying times, ensuring a professional-grade result.


Once the paint has dried and cured, we carefully reinstall the cabinet doors and all hardware, ensuring everything is aligned perfectly. This meticulous attention to detail ensures your cabinets look as good as new.

Before we consider the project complete, we conduct a thorough quality inspection. We scrutinize every inch of the painted cabinets, checking for any imperfections or irregularities. Our goal is to deliver a flawless, durable finish that exceeds your expectations. We take pride in leaving your space as clean as we found it. All protective coverings are removed, and any painting-related debris is cleared away. Your newly painted cabinets are ready to shine.


At Middlesex Paint and Restoration, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We invite you to inspect the finished work and ensure it aligns with your vision. Our team is dedicated to addressing any questions or concerns you may have to ensure you are delighted with the results.

With our meticulous attention to detail, commitment to quality, and use of top-notch materials and techniques, we're confident that Middlesex Paint and Restoration is the best cabinet painting company in New England. Transform your living spaces with beautifully painted cabinets that reflect your style and taste. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and discover how we can elevate the aesthetics of your home.

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